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Rating: PG
Summary: Background story for my original role-playing characters.
Disclaimer: Dolraen and Tefys are mine, all other characters mentioned in this story are the property of their creators. My thanks to you my friends.
Authors Note: This was written at a time when I was role-playing on the Tagboard for a bit of fun and explanation.

It is that time of year once more.

Dolraen closes the drapes, shutting out the clear, bright night. He wanders around his chambers, lighting the few candles scattered around. Finishing, he settles down on the couch, resting his feet on the low table. Taking a sip from his small glass of miruvor, he closes his eyes and allows himself to remember her...

A sudden movement alerts the grieving warrior. Opening his eyes, Dolraen watches as his daughter stumbles sleepily out from her bedroom.

"Ada...?" Tefys stares, teary-eyed, at her father. Dolraen does not speak, merely opens his arms and allows her to cuddle close. "I miss her Ada..."
"Hush, I know pen-neth..." he smiles softly as the elfling curls up close, cuddling her toy kitty close. "I also miss her... it is hard to believe the years have passed so quickly" Tefys nods and hides her face in the soft fur of her kitty. "Come now pen-neth, Dalielle does not need another bath tonight" Tefys sobs and tries to smile.
"I'm sorry Ada"
"Do not be sorry Tefys... your nanneth misses you greatly, but would not want to see you unhappy. She would wish that you remember the times you shared together..."
"It doesn't hurt as much here Ada... it was worse back in 'Lorien. Everywhere reminded me of her, and, and it made me sad" Dolraen sighs and wraps his arms around his daughter.
"I know pen-neth, and I believe that we did rightly to come here... I have not seen you as happy as you are now for quite a while"
"I like the people here Ada, they're friendly.. even the nasty elf is friendly" Dolraen chuckles quietly
"Indeed... 'tis a friendly lot that resides here in Imladris. Do you remember when we first got here pen-neth, when you got lost.. again?" Tefys manages to raise a smile at the long-running joke between them, unaware of the slight change in direction of the conversation.
"I didn't get lost... Nel got lost, and I was trying to find her... and then I realised I couldn't find you Ada... and I got sad. Then I saw a big orc, and I got scared and ran" Dolraen smiles, he has heard this story before, but is indeed glad that Tefys does not seem quite so sad anymore.
"A big scary orc? Indeed pen-neth... whatever did you do?"
"I didn't do nothing... I just ran, and I tried to find you Ada, but I couldn't. Then I heard voices and thought you may be there. I saw lights and ran inside" Tefys pauses and looks up at her father. "I was crying Ada... and everyone there was so nice to me. When I said I couldn't find you, they offered to help me, and said that if I stayed there, that you would find me... and you did"
"That I did pen-neth...I will always find you..."
"And I met lots of people while I was waiting for you... they all tried to cheer me up. Eldanar taught me how to bounce and Miss Estelle gave me cookies"
"And Dalielle" Tefys nods and cuddles the toy kitty closer
"And Dalielle... she was awful upset when I said I could find Nel and let me look after Dalielle. I like Miss Estelle... she's nice... and she's teaching me how to bake cookies!"
"Ai, the cookies" Dolraen winces, remembering the burnt offerings Tefys brought home after her first lesson.
"Did nanneth ever make cookies Ada?"
"Not that I remember pen-neth... she did make the most wonderful sweet cakes though, do you remember them?"
"I remember her honey cakes.. they were nice... and sticky!"
"That they were..." Dolraen leans back, pulling Tefys closer. "I remember one time, she had just made a fresh batch... you must have only been 10 or so, and you sneaked some away down to the Nimrodel"
"I did? I wish I could remember more Ada... would you tell me a story about nanneth? Like Mr Feronil tells me and Eldanar stories... they're good stories... but they always involve the sex thing... and that's icky"
Dolraen smiled down fondly at the elfling huddled in his lap.
"Of course penneth" He took a sip of miruvor and began to speak softly, his voice low and melodic in the darkened room.

They spent hours reminiscing, but then, they always did this time of year...

"But remember always Tefys, we shall see her again, and she knows that we love her, just as she loves us..." Dolraen stopped, well aware that his daughter had fallen asleep hours ago. He stood gently, carrying her in his arms, and laid her back down in her bed, making sure to place Dalielle within reach. He found that Tefys always slept better when the toy kitty was near.
"Ah, pen-neth.. I wish your nanneth was here still to see how you have grown over the years... she would be so proud of you... As proud as I am... and as proud as I know your baby brother would have been..." Dolraen sighed heavily, wiped a tear from his eye and ruffled Tefys' hair.
"You would have made a good sister, my darling daughter..."


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