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Rating: PG-13
Series: Movieverse
Pairings: Ironhide/Jolt
Summary: Sideswipe meets up with Jolt to recount his meeting with Ironhide.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: As per usual, the good things in life are not mine to have, but belong to someone else... in this case Hasbro, Takara and IDW and anyone else I’ve forgotten…
Authors Notes: For the [livejournal.com profile] tf_rare_pairing
prompt – Sideswipe/Jolt: let go.  Continues in the Maelstrom ‘verse.
Feedback makes friends.  Flames dealt with by the masters of paranoia and fire, Red Alert and Inferno.

"Sideswipe..." Jolt's voice was oddly hesitant, and Sideswipe turned around.  He'd just told Jolt that he'd found Ironhide and worked out what the problem was.  Jolt had been suitably horrified that Ironhide had seen them kissing, hiding his face in his hands and squeaking out something that Sideswipe hadn’t been able to discern.  Sideswipe had turned to leave when Jolt had spoken.

“Jolt?” He stared at the scout, watching electricity dancing over his frame.  Primus, the mech didn’t even know how attractive he was, did he?
“I… I watched you speaking to Ironhide.” Sideswipe rolled his shoulder again, the dented plating still irritating.  It didn’t distract him from the way his spark pulsed fitfully.
“You heard?  Good, so you know that Ironhide is finally going to do something.” He tried for nonchalance, hoping that if he pretended he hadn’t admitted to Ironhide how he felt about Jolt, then Jolt might pretend too.
“Do you really feel that way about me?” Of course, he might not pretend too.
“Primus.” Sideswipe muttered a quick prayer under his vocaliser.  “Yeah, I do.” He shrugged.  “You know I like you… I tried to do something, but you just weren’t interested.”
“I’m sorry…”
“Don’t worry about it.” Sideswipe shrugged again, wincing as the plating compressed some wires.  He turned his head to look as he tried to manipulate his shoulder back into moving again.  Blue plating appeared in his view.
“Let me help.” Without waiting for permission, Jolt deftly shifted the plating aside and realigned the crimped wires.
“Thanks.” Sideswipe muttered, rotating his shoulder.  Jolt nodded, and neatly popped the dent out of his plating.
“There… keep an optic on it, and if it causes any more problems, head to the repair bay.”
“And face the Hatchet?  No chance.”
“You could always come to me.” Jolt offered.  “You used to.”
“That was…” ‘That was before you knew that I loved you.’ Sideswipe finished the sentence in his processor.  He couldn’t face Jolt now, and turned to leave.
“Sideswipe.” Jolt’s hand still rested on his shoulder.
“Let go, Jolt.”
“Jolt, just let me go.” Sideswipe pulled away from Jolt’s hand and rolled out of the hanger, transforming as soon as he’d left.
“How can I let you go now?” Jolt murmured as he watched Sideswipe accelerate away.

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Author's Note Redux: Wow, has it really been two years since I wrote in this 'verse?

Date: 2013-11-13 06:32 pm (UTC)
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yep. what these bots need is a happy threesome. poor babies.

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:D good job with the speech!


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