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Rating: PG
Summary: Background story for an original role-playing character.
Disclaimer: Niraerlinn is mine, Leaslin is the property of [livejournal.com profile] dalaniel. My thanks to you my friend.
Authors Note: This was written at a time when I was role-playing on the Tagboard for a bit of fun and explanation. This was written for [livejournal.com profile] dalaniel's birthday as a surprise.

Niraerlinn rose earlier than was his want. He had something planned for this special day. He gazed fondly down at the elf lying there, fast asleep in the bed. His fingers stretched out, wanting to touch, but not daring to disturb the rest. He smiled softly. Sometimes he could not believe his luck. When his parents had forced him out into the wide world, he had been scared. Lost and lonely he found his way to Imladris, hoping to find somewhere he might belong.

What he did not expect to find was love.

A blush graced his face remembering their first encounter. The elf had been so courteous and friendly, he had been amazed. He was not used to such attention and it worried him. But Leaslin... Leaslin was a different matter. Leaslin made him feel warm in a way he had never felt before. It actually hurt when he was not around. Niraerlinn's heart jumped into his mouth, as he remembered the most recent conversation they had had. Leaslin had received summons to go home. To leave Imladris and return to Mirkwood. To leave him.
A silent tear rolled down his cheek.

But it was not to be. They had written the note last night. Well, rather Leaslin had written while Niraerlinn had played a gentle melody. It always seemed to soothe Leaslin when he played, and he was more than happy to play for the elf he loved.

Now when had that happened?

When was it he had fallen in love?

Was it the first day Leaslin rose with him to greet Arien?
Was it the day they had taken the stroll down to the Bruinen and Leaslin had bathed? Niraerlinn had sat and watched from the shore, being too shy to strip off and bathe with him, but being in the perfect position to admire the elf frolicking in the water.

Or was it the day they had at last taken a bath together?

"No" he said softly to himself. "It was the night he first kissed me"

They had spent the whole night talking. Niraerlinn had been so happy when Leaslin had said he was staying. He didn't like the thought of losing the elf he loved. At that moment, he would have done anything to stop him from leaving. Or, he would have gone with him. Back to Mirkwood. Niraerlinn would follow Leaslin anywhere. He knew that now. He knew that he could not think of living without this handsome blond elf by his side. The thought terrified him.

Which is why he had planned such a special day. He glanced out the window. Arien had yet to rise. He had time. Time to head to the kitchen to pick up Leaslin's favorite breakfast. Then back to the room they shared to wake his love up with a tender kiss. Then breakfast, a walk to greet Arien, and then....


Niraerlinn was nervous, but he had planned every detail so that nothing could go wrong. He would show Leaslin how much he was loved. His satchel was ready and waiting. He would pick up some lembas and some miruvor from the kitchens soon, and they would wander down to the Bruinen. He had found a nice quiet clearing by the waterside. Peaceful, where one couldn't be seen from the river or the path. This was where he had planned it would take place.

Niraerlinn took one last look at Leaslin, lying there, peaceful in sleep, the worries of the previous night erased in dreams. He closed the door silently and swiftly headed for the kitchens. Fetching the meal he had requested, he carefully made his way back to their room. Breathing a sigh of relief as he entered, he realised Leaslin was still sleeping. He placed the tray on the table and leant over the bed, pressing a soft kiss to Leaslin's lips.
"Happy Begetting Day my love..." He watched as awareness returned to those beautiful blue eyes.
"Good morn my sweet one, and thank you" Leaslin sat up and stretched.
"I brought breakfast meleth {love}" He smiled in return as Leaslin smiled at him. Oh, how that smile made his heart flutter, that special little smile that seemed to be reserved for him alone. He picked up his lyre as Leaslin began eating, fingers dancing across the strings as he played the song he had written for Leaslin, blushing at the recollection of the poem that inspired the song. Such a sweet gesture. Such a romantic idea. Such a romantic elf, this elf that he loved.

They watched Arien rise together, Niraerlinn comfortably settled in Leaslin's arms, as had been their routine for many a morning. Leaslin softly hummed as Niraerlinn greeted Arien, waiting until she rose before stopping and turning slightly to kiss Leaslin.

"I love you my sweet one"
"And I love you Leaslin, you have truly captured my heart"

Hand in hand they walked towards the river. Leaslin smiled as the minstrel fairly bounced along the path.
"You are indeed eager today sweet one" Niraerlinn blushed and squeezed Leaslin's hand, choosing not to reply, not wanting his plans to be uncovered yet. He led Leaslin to the clearing.
"I brought a picnic, but I thought perhaps we might swim before we eat?" He glanced up shyly at Leaslin from behind his hair, suddenly worried that his plans might not have been the best idea. Leaslin broke out into a smile.
"That sounds wonderful, thank you sweet one. This has been the best begetting day so far!" Slowly they stripped before stepping into the cool clear water of the Bruinen. Leaslin splashed Niraerlinn, and soon they were chasing each other trying like a pair of elflings.
Panting and happy, they dragged themselves back to the shore and lay down on the blanket they spread there. Not bothering to dress, as no one could see them. Niraerlinn curled up against Leaslin, fingers absently tracing across his chest. Leaslin murmured softly, enjoying the sensation. Encouraged, Niraerlinn let his fingers circle lower and lower, until he reached the object of his desires. He nervously wet his lips and turned to kiss Leaslin, gently taking hold of his slowly burgeoning erection at the same time. He smiled as Leaslin gasped and returned his kiss passionately.
"Oh my sweet one" Leaslin cried as he pulled back to catch his breath before trailing off, lost in the sensations the minstrel's talented fingers were producing. Fingers grasped at the ground as the sensations overtook him, he could concentrate on nothing more than Niraerlinn's fingers moving slowly up and down, and so was taken completely by surprise as he felt Niraerlinn shift, then felt his soft mouth around his erection.
"Oh... oh..." Niraerlinn's tongue swirled around the delicate head, before tracing long lines up and down and then engulfing the whole of his erection. Leaslin cried out as he came. Niraerlinn licked his lips and smiled up at Leaslin.
"Happy Begetting Day meleth nin {my love}"


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