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Rating: PG-13
Series: G1
Pairings/Prompt: G1: Trailbreaker/ Hound – treat – anniversary
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: As per usual, the good things in life are not mine to have, but belong to someone else... in this case Hasbro, Takara and IDW and anyone else I’ve forgotten…
Authors Notes: I had fun doing the prowlxjazz Anniversary Challenge, if no one else enjoyed reading them. So when tf_rare_pairing announced their October challenge, I thought I might try something similar. Though this is going to be different as I have to write on a daily basis again. But that was fun when I did it before (both times). So yeah… wish the ever-more-eccentric one luck?
Feedback makes friends. Flames dealt with by the masters of paranoia and fire, Red Alert and Inferno

Trailbreaker fussed around the table, making sure that everything was in place.  He so wanted to do right by Hound.  So wanted everything to be right tonight.  Their anniversary.  Trailbreaker smiled to himself.  One year since Hound had agreed to a relationship.  One year since he’d gathered up the courage to ask his best friend to take that extra step.  One year since he’d confessed his true feelings and found that they were returned.  He didn’t want anything to ruin this night.

“TB?” Hound had entered their quarters without Trailbreaker realising.
“Hound…” He sounded disappointed, as though he hadn’t managed to surprise his lover.
“Is this for me?” Hound asked, stepping towards Trailbreaker and wrapping his arms around the larger mech.
“Yes.  For our anniversary… but…”
“I love it.” Hound cut across Trailbreaker, knowing his lover would get upset that he hadn’t been able to present it all to him.  “It’s perfect, just like you.” He leant up and kissed Trailbreaker.  Who just blushed


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