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Rating: PG-13
Series: G1
Pairings/Prompt: G1: Sideswipe/Jazz – trick – unknown territory
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: As per usual, the good things in life are not mine to have, but belong to someone else... in this case Hasbro, Takara and IDW and anyone else I’ve forgotten…
Authors Notes: I had fun doing the prowlxjazz Anniversary Challenge, if no one else enjoyed reading them. So when tf_rare_pairing announced their October challenge, I thought I might try something similar. Though this is going to be different as I have to write on a daily basis again. But that was fun when I did it before (both times). So yeah… wish the ever-more-eccentric one luck?
Feedback makes friends. Flames dealt with by the masters of paranoia and fire, Red Alert and Inferno

“Down!” Jazz’s warning came not a moment too soon.  Sideswipe dived to the ground, just in time to miss a missile headed his way.  He rolled and came up firing, hitting the seeker who’d shot at him.  He gave Jazz a thumbs up and leaped up to meet the seeker as he went in for a strafing run.  With the aid of a short burst from his jetpack, he latched onto the seeker’s wings with a whoop of joy.
“Careful, Sides.” Jazz warned him over a commline.
“Always.” Sideswipe grinned, hauling on the seeker’s wings and forcing him to change direction.  He sent the seeker into the ground, jumping clear in time.
“Decepticons, retreat!” Megatron’s cry rang out across the battlefield.

“Jazz.” Sideswipe cornered Jazz in the rec room once all the injured had been treated.
“Yeah, mech?” Jazz’s face was unreadable beneath his visor.”
“Why so worried about me all of a sudden?” Sideswipe leant in over the Porsche.  Jazz shrugged, ducking easily under Sideswipe’s arm.
“Concerned, that’s all.” He smiled.
“Seems more than just concern.” Sideswipe continued.  Jazz looked around.
“Look, just… not here, right?” He asked quietly.  “Let’s get somewhere quieter.”
“All right.  But you’re telling me.”
“All right, all right.” Jazz held his hands up in surrender.  He led the way out of the rec room down to a quiet storage room.

“Okay, so talk.”
“Whaddya want me to say?” Jazz countered.
“I want to know why you’re suddenly so concerned about me in battle.”
“Ain’t just in battle.” Jazz admitted quietly.
“Look, this ain’t exactly easy fer me here, I’m walking in unknown territory… I’d rather go recon the ‘Con base than admit this to ya… but I really like ya.” Jazz offlined his optics behind his visor, not entirely sure he wanted to see Sideswipe’s reaction.
“Like, really like?” Was Sideswipe’s reaction.  Jazz just nodded, optics still offline.  Which meant he didn’t see Sideswipe leaning in close.  The first thing he knew was when Sideswipe’s lips found his in their first kiss.

Date: 2013-10-17 11:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tiamat1972.livejournal.com
Sweet story! There isn't enough Sideswipe/Jazz stories around. :D


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