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Rating: PG-13
Series: G1
Pairings/Prompt: G1: Red Alert/Prowl – trick – in the middle of the night
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: As per usual, the good things in life are not mine to have, but belong to someone else... in this case Hasbro, Takara and IDW and anyone else I’ve forgotten…
Authors Notes: I had fun doing the prowlxjazz Anniversary Challenge, if no one else enjoyed reading them. So when tf_rare_pairing announced their October challenge, I thought I might try something similar. Though this is going to be different as I have to write on a daily basis again. But that was fun when I did it before (both times). So yeah… wish the ever-more-eccentric one luck?
Feedback makes friends. Flames dealt with by the masters of paranoia and fire, Red Alert and Inferno

“What was that!?”
“Whawaswha?” Prowl answered sleepily, doorwings flicking as he turned over.
“I heard something.” Red Alert was sitting straight up in their berth, staring around their room.
“I didn’t hear anything.”
“You were in recharge.”
“S’where you should have been too.” Prowl pointed out, systems sluggishly onlining.
“I was.” Red Alert protested.  “But something woke me up.”
“What woke you up?”
“I don’t know.” Prowl sat up as Red Alert’s tone took on a hysterical note.
“Red?” Pitching his voice low, Prowl watched Red Alert.
“I heard something, I did.” Red Alert hissed, optics flashing bright as he scanned the room.
“Anything in here?” Prowl asked, wincing as Red Alert shook his head.  “Outside, somewhere in the Ark?” Red Alert nodded, and Prowl bit back a curse.
“All right.” He slipped off the berth, holding a hand out to Red Alert.  They left their quarters, moving silently along the corridor.
“What sort of noise?” Prowl whispered, voice sounding loud in the deserted corridor.
“A loud noise.” Red Alert muttered.  Although it could have been a quiet noise given the acuteness of his sensory net.
“Perhaps.” Red Alert nodded slowly.  “Though how they got through the perimeter, I don’t know.  Yet.”

“Jazz!” Prowl’s voice was loud enough to startle Red Alert.  He peered around Prowl’s doorwings, optics widening at the sight he saw in front of him.
“Hey Prowler.” Jazz grinned up at the two officers unrepentantly from his position on the floor.  Sideswipe gave Red Alert a little wave.
“What is the meaning of this?”
“Well we were just…” Sideswipe started to explain, only to trail off as Jazz waved a hand at him.
“Did we wake ya, Red?” Sideswipe’s optics went wide.
“You heard us?” Prowl stared down at them both, wings hiked up high on his back.
“I believe if you two have had your fun, you can return to your own quarters.  And refrain from conducting such activities in the middle of the fragging night!” With that said, he turned on his heel and stalked back to his quarters.  Red Alert looked at them for a moment, shuddered, and quickly followed Prowl.  Sometimes have a sensitive sensor net was a curse.

Author's Note Redux:  Yeah, this whole 'trick or treat' thing isn't working like that is it?  My 'trick' prompts haven't really been that dark... the last two have been very definitely fluffy.  Or funny.  At least, that's the way I hope they come out.

Date: 2013-10-07 07:02 pm (UTC)
eerian_sadow: (auron-my story)
From: [personal profile] eerian_sadow
*giggles* oh poor Red. such a curse to have to hear everyone else's shenanigans.

and hey, no worries about lack of "trickiness" with the prompts. a prompt is just where you start, not where the muse leads.

Date: 2013-10-07 10:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tiamat1972.livejournal.com
"And refrain from conducting such activities in the middle of the fragging night!”

But when ARE they supposed to be conducting them Prowl? *giggle*

No worries about the fluff. You can post Jazz/Sideswipe fluff anytime. :D

Date: 2013-10-18 10:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tainry.livejournal.com
Heeeheee! Oh poor Red... XD Love how Prowl was so good with him even woken up out of sound recharge... <3


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