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Rating: PG
Series: G1
Pairings/Prompt: G1: Fireflight/First Aid – treat – we'll grow old and rusty together
Warnings: Fluff?
Disclaimer: As per usual, the good things in life are not mine to have, but belong to someone else... in this case Hasbro, Takara and IDW and anyone else I’ve forgotten…
Authors Notes: I had fun doing the prowlxjazz Anniversary Challenge, if no one else enjoyed reading them. So when tf_rare_pairing announced their October challenge, I thought I might try something similar. Though this is going to be different as I have to write on a daily basis again. But that was fun when I did it before (both times). So yeah… wish the ever-more-eccentric one luck?
Feedback makes friends. Flames dealt with by the masters of paranoia and fire, Red Alert and Inferno 

“Primus, again?” Ratchet threw his hands in the air as Fireflight trudged into the medbay, vegetation hanging from his wings, both of which were out of alignment.
“He’s all yours.” Ratchet said to First Aid, stalking away.  “I told him last time he crashed I wasn’t going to deal with him unless he was deactivating.”  First Aid smile at Fireflight.
“What happened this time?” He asked, walking up to his lover and taking his hand, leading him towards a berth so he could start repairs.
“I found something really interesting...” Fireflight muttered.  “Why does Ratchet hate me?”
“He doesn’t hate you.” First Aid soothed, pulling some vines from Fireflight's aileron.  “He just gets... irritated when mechs get injured outside of battle.”
“I’m not going to deactivate just from crashing…” Fireflight was still pouting, upset with Ratchet’s comments.
“I know you’re not.” First Aid moved round the berth to face Fireflight.  “You and me, we’re going to grow old and rusty together.”  Fireflight brightened at First Aid’s subtle declaration of love, and then frowned.
“But I don’t want to get rusty…” First Aid laughed, kissing his helm before cleaning the rest of the woods from his wings and realigning them.


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